Wearable Art Festival,
Art Of the Libraries &
Gloucester Carnival

Its always great to work with children to produce costumes and props, its gives them an opportunity to explore their creativity on a bigger scale than normal. I coordinated other artists to create exciting and challenging adult and children’s workshops with over 250 participants in 7 different community settings, including local libraries as part of the Art of the Libraries project. Each setting created its own set of themed costumes for wearing at the Wearable Art Festival in Gloucester Cathedral in June 2019. Children were able to perform and wear their costumes in a showcase of exciting wearable art designers and talent. For many children and families, this was an event they would never have seen otherwise. The theme of Space excited the children and soon costumes for Space Angels, Robots and Aliens were being made all over the place.  These costumes were then used in Gloucester Carnival where the crowds of people were keen to see the work the children had put into the costumes